Did you appoint me for a survey? Did you ask for a flag registration? Did you order a delivery?

In this page you may leave your review. Both positive and negative reviews would be of help to anybody browsing this website. Negative ones will help me as well: I make mistakes as anybody else, and I look forward to improve. All reviews will be published, as long as they are pertinent not too much crass.

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  1. I am a Japanese yacht broker based in Italy, and I am a specialist for the Japanese market.
    I know Massimiliano over 5 years, and during this period, he inspected more than 8 yachts to export to Japan.
    Why I always come back to him is because of his excellent professionalism, preciseness and honesty.
    Very reliable professional!
    Thank you Massimiliano!

    Haru Terauchi

  2. I was looking to buy a boat from Italy and due to the Covid situation, I couldn’t visit Italy to view the boat. Whilst searching on the web I came across this page and I contacted Massimiliano, he immediately replied and was very helpful.

    I must admit that when I confirmed the price and visit with Massimiliano I was slightly anxious as I would have preferred to visit the boat myself. As soon as I received the full details report and over 500 photos of the boat from all aspects I immediately realised that my visit would have been useless. Massimiliano did both the on-land survey and the sea trial for me.

    In a nutshell, Massimiliano is a great guy that offers amazing service. I recommended him to another Maltese friend and he was also super happy with the service.

    If anyone is looking for a surveyor, don’t waste time looking around just contact Massimiliano


  3. Massimiliano was my eyes and ear when purchasing my last boat. Best decision I ever made, not only did he provide a very detaied report, he also explained his findings to the owner and helped to translate from english to Italian. Following the seatrial, I engaged him as a skipper for a 4 day delivery and I had a fabulous time with him learning new things. He is very knowledgable, patient and calm all what you need in a good surveyor or skipper. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

  4. I recently engaged Massimiliano for a pre sale survey for a 45 ft sailing boat in Sardinia. Being non Italian and not understanding Italian language I appreciated Massimiliano being fluent in English. I participated during the survey, both on land and during sea trial, and was very impressed by the the knowledge and professional approach going through all aspect of the boat. The report was issued very shortly after the survey. The report was very detailed with clear suggestions on issues that needs attention. I used to the report when contacting insurance companies and got the following feedback: “ One of the most professional pre sale survey reports we have seen in a long time”.

    I can give Massimiliano my very best recommendations.


  5. I recently engaged Massimiliano in a pre purchase survey for a Moody in Sardinia. Massimiliano is very thorough and went through all aspects of the boat, from the keel and hull to sails and electronics. A very detailed English report was issued just days after the survey. I used the report when discussing insurance with one of the larger companies and was told that the report was one of the best they had seen in a long time.

    I can give Massimiliano my very best recommendations.

    Henrik Häller

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