The Yacht Surveyor

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The Surveyor is a yacht expert whose role is to assist the customer in technical and economic evaluation of a yacht, some of her parts or particular damage suffered.

The Surveyor, once appointed, works for his client solely, and he is committed to report his activity to him only.
The Surveyor role is super partes; although working for his client, his aim is to make known the truth about his assignment. For this reason, it makes no difference if the expert is chosen by a vessel prospective buyer, its owner, an underwriter: the result of the expertise will always be the same.


Pre purchase

It is the most comprehensive type of visit, and it is strongly recommended before buying a boat.Learn More »

Condition and Value (Insurance survey)

It is intended to assess the conditions and the value of a pleasure craft, in order to allow to an insurance company…Learn More »

Hull inspection

In the event that is not required the assessment of the entire unit, the skill can be limited to the state of…Learn More »

Damage Survey

It is a partial inspection, designed to ascertain the extent of any damage caused to the vessel…Learn More »

Delivery Survey

Often it is necessary to verify the compliance of a vessel, new or pre-owned, to the contract.Learn More »

Surveyed craft

You can download here the list of craft we surveyed at least once. Learn More  »

Something you need to know about surveys

The survey: what is included and what is NOT included

We surveyors would love to destroy the boat in many small pieces, to be able to say with certainty what is (rather was) in good conditions and what is notUnfortunately, the expert should be limited to non-destructive testing, evaluating inductively conditions that can not be seen directly.

Yacht deliveries

We can delivery any kind of vessel, both sailing and power, with professinal crews along any route, either Mediterranean or Oceanic. Highest safety and competency.

Register you yacht under one among best european flags

We can now register your yacht abroad! It s easy, lawful and cheap.  We car offer both Dutch and Polish yacht registration. Advantages: low burocracy, simple equipment, no periodical survey, no navigation limit

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