Types of surveys

Pre purchase

It is the most comprehensive type of visit, and it is strongly recommended before buying a boat. Includes a thorough review of the structural integrity of the hull, the conditions of propulsion, electrical, plumbing equipment and accessories, as well as the aesthetic and maintenance conditions of the entire vessel. The survey also includes an in-depth dry inspection to the hull and a sea trial.

You may download below a brief description of survey procedure:

Brochure Sail Survey

Brochure Power Survey

Download below some pre purchase survey report sample:

Sample power

Sample Sail

Condition and Value (Insurance survey)

It is intended to assess the conditions and the value of a pleasure craft, in order to allow to an insurance company, or a funder, the evaluation of the asset. Must include an opinion of the expert on the seaworthiness and safety. The sea trial usually is not performed, and the inspection may take place in water.

Normally the Insurance Companies require expertise on craft over 7 years old. Leasing companies require it for any pre-owned yacht.

Damage Survey

It is a partial inspection, designed to ascertain the extent of any damage caused to the vessel, the dynamics of the fact and objective assessment of the cost of repairs. May be requested by the owner of a boat against the objections of the Insurance Company, or vice versa. In this case, the ultrasonic test provide important results on fiberglass hulls, identifying delaminations due to grounding or collision.

Hull survey

In the event that is not required the assessment of the entire unit, the skill can be limited to the state of the underwater body, conditions of fiberglass, or metal plating, rudders, shafts, propellers and appendages. Ultrasonic testing could be required to assess the state of both fiberglass and metal hulls.

Delivery Survey

Often it is necessary to verify the compliance of a vessel, new or pre-owned, to the contract. The appointed surveyor will check the condition of the vessel and authorizes or not the yacht to be taken over by the buyer.

Surveyed craft

You can download here the list of craft we surveyed at least once.



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